More Iowa State game programs by Asgard Press

Recently, I made a post on Iowa State football game program calendars by Asgard Press and I asked Asgard for bigger images to illustrate three different eras of ISU football. This 1929 program was the highlight of the game as Kansas clobbered Iowa State 33-0 in front of a homecoming crowd of 5,277:


This game program against Colorado is undated, but is between the years of 1947 to 1958. Iowa State’s first game against Colorado was 1946, and Iowa State College became Iowa State University in 1959 (EDIT: research reveals it is the 1949 program):


This game program is from the October 11, 1969 game against Colorado in Coach Johnny Majors’ second season at ISU. Note the stylistic resemblance to LeRoy Neiman’s paintings. For more on Neiman, this New York Times obituary is a good place to start:


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