Privacy is a very important topic for us and our stance is simple: Kagavi will never share or sell your personal information to anyone. There is already too much pervasive surveillance occurring in our society, so we want to do our part in reducing that behavior.

The SHOP page features Shopify as our ecommerce partner, which will allow us to handle a higher volume much more efficiently. Shopify never stores customer credit card information. All of your sensitive information is protected by secure industry-leading 128 bit SSL encryption. Shopify is also Level 1 PCI compliant, which is the highest level possible. Shopify uses several benign cookies (small text files used to recognize your computer) to provide a smooth checkout experience.

Shopify uses two kinds of cookies: sessional and persistent. Sessional cookies only last as long as your browser window is open, then they are automatically deleted. Persistent cookies last as long as specified by each individual cookie, before being automatically deleted. See the list of cookies below for more information:

    • Cookie name:  _session_id.
      Type: Sessional (unique token).
      Why: Allows Shopify to store information about your session (referrer, landing page, etc).
    • Cookie name: _shopify_visit.
      Type: Persistent (no data held), expires 30 minutes from your last visit.
      Why: Used to record the number of visits.
    • Cookie name: _shopify_uniq.
      Type: Persistent (no data held), expires midnight (relative to your time) of the following day.
      Why: Counts the number of visits to a store by a single customer.
    • Cookie name: cart.
      Type: Persistent (unique token), expires after two weeks.
      Why: Remembers what you have added to your cart.
    • Cookie name: _secure_session_id.
      Type: Sessional (unique token).
      Why: Stores session information for checkout.

In another conscious decision, we are eliminating the ability to create accounts. This way if Shopify ever gets hacked, no credit card information, user names, or passwords will ever be compromised. We understand that this may add a small amount of extra time to the checkout process, but we would rather be as safe as we can be.

Any questions about privacy or what we can do to improve? Contact us: help (at) kagavi (dot) com. We can’t wait to hear from you.

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