Robot Cy



In a faraway futuristic time, college football has been taken over by robot mascots. Join Robot Cy as he slides, jumps, and dodges his way through 12 thrilling levels to find out who is behind this nefarious plot to destroy the world!

Inspired by classic video games such as Mega Man, Contra, TMNT, and more, this project was an overdue homage to those lazy summer days at the river house with Grandpa’s Nintendo. To be clear, this is not a playable game, but rather an animation project showing game play if this had existed during the 8-bit days.

In the meantime, we partnered with SB Nation’s Wide Right & Natty Lite to preview the ISU football games using this project as inspiration by asking (à la Mega Man) what power ups could Robot Cy gain by defeating all the other Big 12 robot mascots? This series of nine articles ran weekly on SB Nation through the 2015 college football conference season and can be found below:

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