Vintage Cyclone finds

Over the past year, our research has led us down many interesting paths in Iowa State Cyclone history. We have collected many images of unique vintage Cyclone memorabilia and had nowhere to share them until now. Most of these were found in various auctions or shown to us by fellow collectors. Here are just a few of our favorites finds.

Fresh off of Iowa State’s victory over Michigan, I just had to lead with this Johnny Orr Official Hilton Hooper Hanky from the 1987-88 season. The Cyclone team finished that year 20 – 12 and made the NCAA tournament before losing in the first round to Georgia Tech. Senior Jeff Grayer was the captain and averaged 25.3 points per game to finish his stellar career with 2502 points.


When investigating historical games, it can be hard to understand what the rhythm of the game was like based off of newspaper descriptions. In these three pictures of the Iowa versus Ames game in 1907, we can see how the Cyclone team warmed up, the dynamics of the band competition at halftime, and a live game kick.

vintage3 vintage2 vintage4

A fun painting of Cy and the rest of his Big 8 brethren.


In this 1915 Ames versus Iowa game, the Iowa players are mostly wearing the striped sleeve jerseys. Just a few years later, the great Hawkeye teams with Duke Slater and Aubrey Devine wore similar uniforms.


Sometimes I find information in the most unexpected places. For our last major story on Jack Trice’s gold jersey, I briefly discussed the possibility of the friction strips being navy blue or black, bolstered by a painting in the 1926 yearbook. This 1946 schedule card shows navy blue friction strips. Since ISU permanently switched to numbers on the front of the jersey in the early 1930s, this painting is clearly a reference to vintage ISU teams of the 1920s. I feel even more confident that the 1925 team (Trice’s senior year had he lived) had cardinal jerseys with navy blue friction strips.


A great look at the vintage uniforms of the 1908 Nebraska versus Ames game.


This appears to be a 1961 game at Boston College, which the Cyclone team narrowly lost 14 – 10. Ohio State coaching legend John Cooper was the captain of the ISU squad. Just two years later, the ISU team travelled westward for the opening game of the 1963 season against California. The following year, the San Francisco 49ers introduced new cardinal and gold uniforms supposedly inspired by the ISU team.


Here’s a rare 1906 football game program. Ames won this game 7 – 0 and finished the season with a 9 – 1 record. For an idea of what the game looked like, I previously tweeted a picture of the 1908 game.


The 1977 Peach Bowl was Coach Earle Bruce’s first bowl game with Iowa State. The following year would see another bowl trip to the Hall of Fame Bowl. Star running back Dexter Green finished the season with 15 touchdowns.



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