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Since last week’s free shirt contest was apparently the easiest one yet, I had to create a particularly nefarious puzzle this time. There are three parts to it and when solved, you should be able to tell me the name of a favorite childhood movie. I hope this isn’t TOO difficult.

PART ONE: This group of numbers is scrambled and can be organized in two ways. One is simple numerical order, which is NOT what we want. If you take the time to think about it, the second way should be clear. To help you out, the first number is correct and after solving, be sure to correct the numbers to the true figures:

8051, 815, 102, 822, 5251, 521, 211, 555

PART TWO: Using the converted answer to the sequence above, solve this equation:

[(Sixth converted number in sequence) - (Fifth converted number in sequence)]

PART THREE: Take the answer to the equation in part two and use it as the key for this phrase below, which is a clue that represents one of my favorite movies as a child.


To win the shirt, what is the name of the movie? The first person to email us (address on ABOUT page) with the solution–and how you figured all three parts out–will win the ISC Monogram shirt shown below (pending available sizes). This post will be updated when that occurs. Good luck!



Contest over–no winner awarded. In the multiple clues I gave on Twitter for PART ONE, I said “take the time to reflect.” The figures were all symmetrical numbers reflected in a mirror from a digital clock. Sorting it would reveal: 1208, 1252, 115, 152, 218, 222, 501, and 558. Answering PART TWO gave four as the answer, which helped with the simple encryption in PART THREE. By shifting the letters over by four, the phrase “THATS NOT A KNIFE” was given. This is a clear reference to Crocodile Dundee. Thanks for playing!

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