Our new look

Welcome to Kagavi’s new look. We are excited to share our latest iteration that retains much of what we accomplished over the past year, yet positions us for the future. Take a look around and we will share a bit about everything.

The most visible change is probably our logo, which evokes a stronger image of Grandpa’s campfire stories that inspired Kagavi. For millennia, humans have gathered around a campfire and told stories, and the logo pays homage to those nights under the stars while preserving an authentic hand-lettered look. Our favicon to the left of our address bar also hints at this . . . can you figure it out?

The new PROJECTS page is an easy way to find our various stories. Some of our projects will be singular, while others—such as our Jack Trice stories—are ongoing. By clicking on each project image, a synopsis and organized story list (if applicable) will be visible. We will also tease new projects here.

We renamed our blog section to CAMPFIRE. All of our stories, projects, and thoughts will continue to be posted here. If you choose to bookmark one page of our website, this is the best choice. We also switched our new type to a larger size and narrowed the page width for enhanced readability.

The SHOP page features a new ecommerce partner in Shopify, which will allow us to handle a higher volume much more efficiently. As part of the switch, we were attracted by Shopify’s stringent security measures. While it may add a small amount of extra time to the checkout process, we think the tradeoff is worth it–don’t worry, we will always still have free shipping on all items. Our updated privacy policy has more details.

We are happy to be working with the University of Southern California and the University of Iowa this fall to create two more of our custom football stadium blankets. Once again, the famed Pendleton Woolen Mill will be weaving them. Last year, when we showed off our Iowa State blanket, we had so many requests to do something similar for Iowa. Additionally, we’ve always admired the famous USC film school and as the closest major university, they are sort of our adopted school here in California.

We also have some incredible Jack Trice stories coming out and cannot wait to share them with Cyclone Nation. Other projects under development will expand our current offerings into new directions, including some original stories. Thanks to a new host, our whole site should be snappier and quicker to load.

Lori and I are extremely excited about what we have coming out this year. The first year of Kagavi was a learning experience in many ways and we hope you will continue to follow us on our journey.

As always, thanks for supporting us.

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