Seal Beach Raffle


Help us celebrate the very belated anniversary of Kagavi in conjunction with the launch of our USC Trojans Pendleton blanket. Lori and I have been living in Seal Beach for a few years now and we love the warm sense of community that is prevalent within Old Town. When we started Kagavi in our garage with nothing more than a dream, we felt very fortunate to be able to do it here in Seal Beach.

Our projects have all featured products made in America out of sustainable materials and we are also big believers in shopping locally and supporting the community we live in. Now that we finally have a project that is relevant locally (not Iowa-related), we thought it was time to give back to Seal Beach. We also are considering some Seal Beach projects for 2015.

Here’s your chance to win one of two fancy prize packages from a variety of Seal Beach businesses as part of our Kagavi Holiday Raffle that is absolutely free. No obligation of any kind. We often give away items to promote Kagavi and this raffle is no exception. We want to give extra thanks for the generous support of Walt’s Wharf, Bogart’s Coffee, Bistro St. Germain, and Temecula Olive Oil. Please give them your patronage. See below for the two packages:


Bistro St. Germain ($30.00) – A new face on Main Street, their French-influenced crepes have quickly found favor with local residents.

Temecula Olive Oil (Trio of flavored olive oil bottles) - Temecula is the place to get delicious California olive oil that has been carefully grown and prepared.

Harbour Surfboards ($15.00) - The classic California surf shop. Rich Harbour has been creating boards since 1959 and is still going strong. (We interviewed him last year here.)

Javatinis ($10.00) – Known for being a micro-roaster with fresh coffee every day, their drinks and pastries are a great way to start a chilly beach morning off right.


Walt’s Wharf ($40.00 Gift Certificate) - Award-winning fine dining where they promise your seafood couldn’t be any fresher, or it would still be swimming.

Bay Hardware ($25.00 Gift Certificate) – Any small town worth its salt needs a good hardware shop and Bay Hardware has fit the bill for well over 60 years.

Bogart’s Coffee ($10.00) – A cozy coffeehouse overlooking the Pacific, Bogart’s has long been a reliable spot to grab a drink while watching the waves.


How do you enter? If you live in Old Town Seal Beach, you are already automatically entered! We have a numbered list of addresses within Old Town Seal Beach and as we have done with previous contests, we will use to generate two random numbers that will correspond to a specific address.

The two winners will be announced on Thursday, December 18 and we will announce the winners immediately in this post by updating at the bottom. When we deliver the gifts, we may or may not be wearing Santa Claus hats. We hope to meet you around town soon! Feel free to email us as well.

Winner of GIFT BASKET # 1: A lucky winner on Ocean Avenue!

Winner of GIFT BASKET # 2: A lucky winner on 7th Street!

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